Maximizing Value from a Fractional CMO Solution

For businesses looking to maximize the value of their partnership with a fractional CMO solution, Charlie Green, author of The Trusted Advisor, offers 15 actions that can be taken right now. Fractional CMOs are a great option for companies that eventually want to hire a full-time marketing leader, but need guidance before making the investment. A CMO (or fractional CMO) is responsible for the success or failure of a company's marketing campaigns. The perspective of an outsourced marketing director is different from that of a full-time salaried employee, and the use of fractional CMO services means that there is access to expert trust and knowledge across a variety of marketing channels. When deciding between hiring a fractional CMO or having an in-house CMO, there are more factors to consider than just the cost.

A fractional CMO can direct the organization and execution of a fractional marketing team to scale growth rapidly and increase the company's valuation in the exit horizon. A fractional CMO, sometimes referred to as an FCMO, does all the things your CMO could do, but they only work part-time and are often hired as a contractor with a predetermined term rather than as a traditional employee. The methodology used by a fractional CMO is an advantage in improving a company's marketing efforts and tactics. A fractional CMO is an ideal solution for businesses that need to bring fractional marketing teams on demand. Fractional CMOs are marketing specialists who work with companies for a fixed period of time in a given month, often just a few hours. As contractors and not as full-time employees, they can be tailored to fit your specific marketing needs.

In addition, they can bring fresh perspectives that still align with the goals and objectives of the marketing department. CEOs in diverse industries are increasingly recognizing the benefits of fractional executives, particularly fractional CMOs. The success of a fractional CMO model is based on their ability to create and execute high-level strategies using internal and external resources as needed. One of the most effective ways they can help is if your company lacks strategic plans or visibility into marketing efforts.

Rebecca Mcroberts
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