What kind of metrics do fractional cmos use to help businesses succeed?

Fractional CMOs and digital agencies form a strong team and an economic approach to helping companies grow. A fractional CMO knows how to help you scale your company through proven growth strategies. In addition, they know how to create a unique marketing strategy for your company, your objectives and, most importantly, your customer. In full-time positions, the efforts of CMOs are often dissipated between office politics and meetings.

A fractional CMO recognizes the value of each hour. They focus almost exclusively on results, which makes the deal more cost-effective. Working with a fractional CMO may be the best solution for developing a marketing strategy that supports business growth. We offer a variety of fractional CMO packages designed to meet the needs of midsize businesses.

Add to that this harsh reality, that the average tenure of a full-time CMO today is only 40 months, and it might make sense for you to hire a fractional CMO. Retaining a fractional CMO is the ideal way to get the kind of insights and in-depth experiences of a CMO rated on the Fortune 500 list for a “fraction of the price.” But what exactly is a fractional CMO and what can it do for you? Let's look at some frequently asked questions about fractional CMOs to help you decide if they can help drive your growth. Working with an experienced fractional CMO agency, such as Chief Outsiders, is the fastest way to hire a CMO to serve as a senior marketing leader who aligns with your senior management and executive management. Startups could consider hiring a fractional CMO to manage their fledgling marketing aspirations.

Essentially, the fractional CMO spends a fraction of the time that a full-time marketing director would spend exclusively marketing a company. A fractional Chief Outsiders CMO not only strategizes or provides advice, but is also uniquely prepared to report to top management and is often asked to oversee execution and derive results from marketing initiatives. Companies that need a little extra help due to a product launch, a rebrand, or a desire to “try marketing” aren't a good fit for fractional CMO services, which are intended for longer-term program management. An ideal fractional CMO is an expert at working with the CEO and integrating himself into his leadership at the executive level, since he is trusted with the responsibility of working on high-level business objectives that are the basis of the company's objectives.

A fractional CMO can bring incredible value to companies where having a full-time CMO would not make sense, either fiscally or practically, due to the typical magnitude of the challenges that require attention. If your company is still too small to have a full-time marketing director (for example, you have two people in the marketing department who do their job well but don't have an executive-level vision), a fractional CMO is a good solution. Don't worry about the average salaries of a CMO; an experienced fractional CMO will get results at a fraction of the cost.

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