What does fractional cmo mean?

A fractional marketing director is someone who performs the role of CMO without forcing the company to commit to a full-time person for that position. Think of it as a CMO as a Service. According to Forbes, a fractional CMO is “a marketing specialist who works with companies for a fixed period of time in a given month, often just a few hours. CMO stands for Chief Marketing Officer.

A fractional CMO or an outsourced CMO is a part-time CMO. Small and medium-sized businesses that lack marketing experience in the leadership team may choose to hire a fractional CMO to provide them with strategy and direction. Fractional CMOs participate in strategic planning sessions and help develop a marketing plan and budget for the organization. Robot Creative's fractional CMOs have more than 20 years of experience and develop dozens of marketing plans every year.

In addition, our CMOs can work with their internal team or our team to implement the marketing plan. A fractional CMO is no less passionate about their business than a full-time employee; in many cases, they are more complete than most because of their track record and their deep experience in driving growth. This means that the role that a fractional CMO plays will vary from company to company and from project to project. Since hiring a full-time CMO is a relatively expensive task for a startup, hiring a fractional marketing director becomes the company's main option.

But no company can do everything at once, do everything right and expect to do it. Is your company considering adding a fractional CMO to its executive team? Let's connect to analyze if a fractional CMO with an authentic brand is the right choice for your company. Working with an experienced fractional CMO agency, such as Chief Outsiders, is the fastest way to hire a CMO to serve as a senior marketing leader who aligns with your senior management and executive management. Organized, fractional CMO firms employ a team of consultants who are examined as true executives and work as integrated leaders in the executive team of their clients.

As a consultant, I LOVE the concept of being a fractional CMO, so much so that I have transitioned all of my consulting clients to my fractional CMO services program. A fractional CMO remains involved in the daily operations of the company and provides the same skills and experience as a full-time CMO for a lower cost. Another common challenge faced by a fractional CMO is how to develop an engaging customer experience. At the strategic level, a fractional CMO can develop marketing plans, lead competitive intelligence initiatives, identify and manage progress towards KPIs; in essence, create a marketing machine that you can trust.

Being a fractional CMO allows me to offer a cost-effective service with high added value to my clients, where I literally operate like one of their employees with aligned objectives. A fractional Chief Outsiders CMO not only strategizes or provides advice, but is also uniquely prepared to report to top management and is often asked to oversee execution and derive results from marketing initiatives. It should be noted that large companies can also take advantage of having a fractional CMO to help them execute their marketing activities, either as leaders of strategic projects or as substrategists of a CMO. We offer a variety of fractional CMO packages designed to meet the needs of midsize businesses.

An experienced fractional CMO brings decades of experience in their industry and knows how to offer proven methodologies, processes and a track record of success. A fractional CMO can be the best solution for strengthening your brand, instilling a sense of leadership in marketing, and keeping your marketing strategies and efforts underway.

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