What does fractional mean in business?

Fractional or part-time employees are exceptionally qualified professionals who share their time and services between several companies. A fractional employee can work internally, similar to an internal employee, but for a fraction of the time an internal full-time employee would. Fractional executives are professionals who offer their management services to organizations on a contract and part-time basis, which is also known as fractional work. These executives often have extensive experience in a business environment in positions such as president, owner, chief executive officer, senior vice president, vice president, or director.

Your skills may focus on one discipline or have a broader base, depending on your experience. Some examples of fractional executives with specific names are the fractional CIO, the fractional CMO, the fractional CEO, the fractional sales manager, the vice president of sales, or the CSO (fractional CFO). Fractional executive services allow access to a person dedicated to solving specific problems for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. In addition, an emerging global community of fractional executives has been created, with communities such as The Fractional Executive offering resources and networking opportunities for fractional executives around the world.

A notable example of the success of the fractional executive model is A-team, a platform for fractional executives. As the name suggests, having a fractional role in a company means that an employee only works for a specific company for a fraction of their time.

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