What is a Fractional CMO and How Can They Help Your Business?

A fractional CMO is a part-time marketing director who is responsible for leading the marketing strategy and managing the marketing department. They are often hired by companies that need the role of a CMO, but not full time. Fractional CMOs work with companies for a fixed period of time in a given month, usually just a few hours, and receive a fraction of the salary. Using Chief Outsiders' fractional CMO services gives you more than just a new face in your company.

A fractional CMO is no less passionate about their business than a full-time employee; in many cases, they are more complete than most because of their track record and their deep experience in driving growth. Fractional CMOs can be hired as contractors or consultants, and their payment rates can vary. Instead of worrying about the cost, evaluate the value you'll receive and whether you'll save money. Startups could consider hiring a fractional CMO to manage their fledgling marketing aspirations.

An experienced fractional CMO brings decades of experience in their industry and knows how to offer proven methodologies, processes and a track record of success. Primarily, a fractional CMO will help provide leadership in marketing, a service that is too often overlooked in companies. A fractional CMO can act as the rudder for your marketing efforts, providing ideas, strategies, plans and tools that will help you focus and execute your marketing objectives with excellence. They can also bring direct experience in your sector or sector, so that they can contribute immediately and implement strategies and tactics that can make a measurable difference in a more efficient time.

The best way to know if a fractional CMO is right for you is to analyze your marketing performance and analyze your team. If you're facing any of the issues, a fractional CMO could be the person you need to get your marketing back on track and grow your business.

Rebecca Mcroberts
Rebecca Mcroberts

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