What Services Does a Fractional CMO Provide?

In today's digital marketing landscape, marketers are feeling the strain of its complexity. With so many hats to wear, it's impossible to wear them all and difficult to wear more than a few. This leads to burnout and subpar results. A fractional CMO can step in and develop and execute an organization's marketing strategy.

Fractional CMO leadership is a relatively new concept for small and growing businesses, similar to executive finance and human resources positions. Companies need assurance that the fractional CMO they hire has the experience, knowledge, background, and cultural aptitude to make an impact in their most important marketing role. The responsibilities of a fractional CMO should be comparable to those of a highly-trusted professional. Hiring a fractional CMO is a cost-effective alternative to a full-time CMO, allowing the savings to be used to build the marketing team (e.g., director and junior marketing professional) and speed up the timeline for real results.

A fractional Chief Outsiders CMO doesn't just strategize or give advice; they are also prepared to report to top management and oversee execution of marketing initiatives. A fractional CMO is ideal for short-term tasks, such as filling an unexpected CMO vacancy, quickly refocusing marketing efforts, or hiring an executive advisor who can be your marketing eyes and ears. A fractional CMO can take on responsibilities such as influencer marketing, digital marketing, conversion rate optimization, SEO, payment methods, marketing automation, and account-based marketing. Start-ups backed by venture capital and established brands alike are recognizing the advantages of fractional executives, particularly the fractional CMO.

A fractional CMO is a marketing executive who helps with customer acquisition, sales development, and company growth. They take a practical approach with existing marketing resources to focus on business growth, audience growth, and implementing account-based management strategies. Best of all, using Chief Outsiders' fractional CMO services gives you more than just a new face in your company.

Rebecca Mcroberts
Rebecca Mcroberts

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